Audition Call: A Ditch in Madagali

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Audition Call
A Play by Philister Sidigu
Audition Dates: Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, 2pm-4pm; Saturday, Nov. 17, 5pm-7pm
You may prepare one monologue (not to exceed 2 minutes) or come prepared to read sides. Email to request sides and audition location.
Play Runs:  May 10 -25, 2019  
A Ditch in Madagali
Inspired by a true story, A Ditch In Madagali follows the lives of two women trying to survive the attacks of Boko Haram in their northern Nigerian village. It is a harrowing story of grief, resistance, and a mother’s unwavering love and commitment to her daughter's well being. A Ditch In Madagali shows the side effects of war and raises questions about it holds on the lives of those involved, and the lengths many will go to in order to survive.  
Mama Fatima: An attractive Muslim woman in her early forties, her daughter, Fatima, is her legacy.
Fatima: A curious and naïve eleven-year-old
Amina: A Christian woman in her mid-thirties, mourning the death of her husband and looking for
her son.
Boko Haram Soldier 1: A devout soldier in his twenties, out to prove himself.
Boko Haram soldier 2: Nineteen-year-old, still trying to find his way in the war.
Ibrahim: A family friend and local drunk, scared of the state of Nigeria but extremely smart.
Cameraman: 30-40-year-old fairly built man. Never misses a story and is constantly looking for the
next one.
Reporter: Mid-thirties Caucasian woman; is on assignment and looking for her big break.
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Monday, November 19, 2018
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