Arts Integrated Preschool Assistant Teacher

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General Functions

• Arrives at Bubbles Academy at least 30 minutes before class starts to ensure full preparedness.

• Makes sure to have all supplies needed for class prior to class starts.

• Ensures classroom is prepared for the class including the technology and the space.

• Greets parents and interacts with students at least 5 minutes before scheduled start time of class.

• Assists in creating developmentally appropriate and flexible lesson plans to respond to student curiosity and needs

• Scaffolds lessons and skills so that each student may experience success and joy of learning

• Participates in curriculum brainstorming and content development based on early learning standards for Illinois.

• Facilitates ongoing communication with parents, assists in the creation of classroom

newsletters, emails and meetings

• Conducts bi-annual parent-teacher conferences

• Maintains written documentation of classroom observations and assessments

• Attends and participates in professional development and session meetings. Completes at least 15 contact hours of professional development per year

• Makes daily announcements as required.

• Upholds health and safety standards including washing supplies that have been put in a child’s mouth.

• Fosters a positive self-image and confidence in each respective child.

• Lovingly cares for all children. Is attentive to all class members, tailoring all programs to what is most appropriate for the children in the class.

• Thinks actively about class pace and flow.

• Addresses any questions or concerns parents may have.

• Ensures and participates in housekeeping standards by:

o Putting all supplies away in a neat manner.

o After class, clearing classroom and washing dirty toys/ instruments.

o Wiping down countertops, straightening storage areas if messy and hang to dry.

• Turns off equipment at the end of class.

• Is fully prepared for each class by having full knowledge of lesson goals and having all materials prepared.

• Will be assigned to observe trainees and provide as much support and feedback as

needed. Training teachers will be expected to meet after class with a trainee and

provide verbal feedback.

• Maintains a positive outlook and attitude and mutually respectful relationships with


Skills & Qualifications: 

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Skill to use a personal computer and various software packages.

• Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision.

• Ability to handle and resolve recurring problems.

• Knowledge of current research and best practice in early childhood education.

Credentials and Experience

• Experience with children ages 0-5.

• Experience in the Visual or Performing Arts

• A degree from a four-year college or university with at least six (6) semester hours in courses directly related to child care and/or child development from birth to age 6.

• Two years experience in a child enrichment center or preschool.

Special Requirements:

Must posses special skill associated with each class (i.e. must be a skilled visual artists to teach a visual arts class, etc. for Music, Creative Movement & Dance). Able to work overtime, holidays, and weekends as requested by position.

To Apply: 

Please email cover letter and resume to Megan at

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Megan Lowndes
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